Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

f**k yeah

i gave it 10 just for the song sof storms ;)

Helbereth responds:


You have no idea how many incarnations of that intro I actually made...

I think it was something like twenty.

Used either the 'song of storms' version there or 'I am Ultimecia'.

Wow, I wish I HAD flash. . .

This was an EXCELLENT tutorial, ALL of you------>
I only wish I had any version of flash so I could utilize it.
ALL of the sections were awesome and explained VERY clearly.
You work well together as a team.
Are you all planning on doing anything else together again?
The music was was pretty good as well.
In fact, I find myself wanting to listen to a few of them withOUT even having the tutorial playing. Until you Guys decide to make something else together OR solo, either way. . .

.........Take care, be good and keep teaching, please.period

Helbereth responds:

It may look like there's a team of us, but I can assure you, it's just me.


This tutorial was so helpful for me to get out of spriting! It makes me realize how great I can make my flash look without having to be an awesome artist with the best programs! 11 out of 10 stars!

Helbereth responds:

Thanks.. I think...

There's nothing wrong with sprites when used properly... they're limited, though.


I knew half of these things but others no and this is really helpful

Helbereth responds:

Well, really you should know some of the things about a tutorial before you ever open it - unless you've literally never used the program or whatever the tutorial was made to illuminate.


You helped me sooo much by showing me how to make the camera thing, it is sooo much easier! I can't thank you enough man!

Helbereth responds:

Yeah that camera probably saved my sanity.