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Author Comments

This one is done in exciting Bunny Cam!
Feel the terror of being prey!
A special thanks to Adam Phillips and Sham Bhangal for their incredible Virtual Camera! It's the best thing to happen in Flash in YEARS! I wish I knew about it sooner!

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and I sprang from my slumber...

drenched in sweat with the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared: hear me now, I have seen the light. They have a consciousness! They Have a life! They have a soul; damn you! let the rabbits wear glasses.

WOW, nice

That was awsome, I was so spaced out listining to him and how weird and cartoony everything was, instand fav


You are amazing. I love this animation in every way, shape, and form.


That was great and Ive been watching your other movies and i gotta tell ya, you are quite the wordsmith. Watch out tarantino. later dude.

this was sooo cool!

ok so, i'm sitting here right, this guy was talking and talking, i was like , in a trance just listening to his rambling, i never pay attention to class as much as i did this...... and then just like that, he was gone!! I'm really nervous now... what if it happens to me... like he said????????????? What if... what if..... OH!!!! aaagghhhhh!!!!!
this was really great work man!! really great!!!