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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"

What the fuck?

at first i was expecting a gothic kinda of flash movie, cause of the loading writing, then it pops up with a paranoid rabbit talking about stereotypes of bugs bunny and halucinations of dead carrots and mickey mouse?

overall i reakon it was good, luckily no music cause that would have made it hard to listen to what the rabbit had to say.

I reakon the rabbit reminded me of the dog off road trip, you know the one that says "get that bitch to make me some pancakes" i reakon that was funny.


Strange. Odd. Weird. Peculiar.

Maybe its just me

I dunno maybe I just didn't get it...I really don't find angry, talking rabbits all that funny...that other guy did one with the two kids and the pissed off rabbit and I hated that...sorry I just didn't enjoy it at all...


The rabbit-movements of the 'camera' were very very cool! :D
Keep up the good work!

confusing :p

the dancing mice were cool, but i got kinda confused when that weird rabbip started talking. then those carrots were screaming and they were sad. but did they die? cause it seemed like they did.