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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"

You're my hero

Man, I absolutely love everything you write. You're my favorite artist on Newgrounds. I wish you'd spend more countless hours of your life kepping me amused for short 30 second intervals with more cartoons. The animation's amazing, and I love your sense of humor. It makes me laugh my ass off in that twisted dark kinda way. I laughed out loud at the ending on this. I was expecting a dog or something.


this is one of the few original cartoons on this website. Good writing, stylistic drawing. overall good shit. keep it up.


not only was that funny, it was really creative, like one of those famous short stories you have to read in school....only this is far better. i'd just like to point out how really....well...GOOD...it was. very perverse, very bizarre, completely fucking brilliant. would make an awesome Literary fair entry, heh heh....

so fucked up

man... if I was high when I watched that I would've had a fuckin seizure, good stuff your shit is so unique and the sound quality and voice acting is amazing, keep it up.

Hahahah lmfao wtf omg hahahahahaha