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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"


i loved it

i kinda liked it...but i also kinda didn't

it made sense at the end...

im scared

wow i seriously was on the edge of my seat expecting that bunny to scream real loud and scare the shit outta me!!!! but i guess im that way cause ive seen to many of thoose on the net and i guess ive got a major fear of those and i will for the rest of my life. Thanks alot ass holes on the net who make that shit!

Nicely Done

The graphics were awesome, as was the dialogue. I couldn't get over how fricken freaky that rabbit looked though. The shpeel about the carrots was pretty good. Keep up the good work, I look forward to more.


So, everything's becoming personified, is that the word? All the rabbits become the way they've been created in cartoons, like walking talking humans, only in the real world, it doesn't work out so well. Let me know if I've looked into this too much.