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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"

Soo fucking trippy

That was so fucking cool. I didn't follow much of it, and I'm not sure what the point of it was, but holy shit was that was an awesome flash.

The Origin of Toons

Everything about it was perfect

The first person perspective

The detail and concept of the dialouge

The quick movements giving you the feel of paranoia

Please make more, you did a really good job.


You're work, it's marvelouse. If I didn't know any better, you would be god. I love you're single minded desire for the rantings of human torment and pleasure, mof how you come to realise that human exsistance is nothing more then a grain of sand in an enless beach of hunger and tormet. For we are falling, eternaly, in an hourglass of life, and as we stand still and think about what your work can teach us, we realise that there is nothing beyond this world that we can comprehend, except for the few that realise the truth. You and me are only among millions who know the real meaning of life.

that was sweet

i think MTmonkeyhunter missed the point, the world that this bunny lives in is slowly turning into a cartoon world but a "distorted" cartoon world, not everyone is happy, sure the carrots talk but when you bite them they screem, the kicthin wear don't sing they attack people. my advice to you MTmonkeyhunter is pull your head out of your own ass and go trip on acid in a dark room, maybe open your mind a little


You are amazing. I love this animation in every way, shape, and form.