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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"

This is cool as hell

This submission totally warped me, I felt like I was really going nuts. The mickey mouse things made me happier though, but their "hehehe"ing kinda was creepy.


Bit crazy but good..he talked a little to much .. and I don't know the guy who made this is crazy.. but cool.. make a nother.

that was sweet

i think MTmonkeyhunter missed the point, the world that this bunny lives in is slowly turning into a cartoon world but a "distorted" cartoon world, not everyone is happy, sure the carrots talk but when you bite them they screem, the kicthin wear don't sing they attack people. my advice to you MTmonkeyhunter is pull your head out of your own ass and go trip on acid in a dark room, maybe open your mind a little


the best part of that was that creepy thing that was small that was about it lol but it made it worth the while


I think I could have understood it better with subtitles. It isn't so much that the audio is bad, it's that the voice is wierd and hard to understand sometimes.
The only question I have is, was the moving grass something that only the self-bunny saw? I think it was the real threats, as the talking rabbit freaked out about stuff that wasn't there and didn't even notice the moving grass. But at the same time, the self-bunny was seeing some pretty crazy stuff so the moving grass could just be the beginning of madness.