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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"


Hmmm... nice try and all.. but I don't find this all that great...

The picture was good and all.....
The sound wasn't that bad..

but I just didn't find it that interesting..


w..t..f? ahahahah. i've never seen anything like this. ahahaha!! humans being stabbed by their own kitchen knives. nice.AHAHAHA the fucking carrots.

Weird. I LIKE IT!!

I like weird things. And that was weird, in a good way! Plain weird, with a capital W, for wabbits, and wilderness and..er...weird!
Reminds me of something my rabbit would say. His name's Monica. We got the wrong rabbit, we thought we had Monica untill we saw it had balls. That was a Shock. Them my cousin rang up ( they gave me monica) Monica's brother Joey was missing his balls. So my rabbit was really joey and joey, whos monica, is now joanna. And Monica is the craziest rabbit known to man!
I gave you the 1 for violence because of the hald eaten carrots. Moderate sound, style and humour, and your graphics is tons better than i could ever do. Well Done w/e your name is!!!!!!


Wild. Different. Freaky. I've never seen anything like this on Newgrounds. Screw the guys who say they got bored. This is nutty.

I was bored halfway through

so I gave you half a score