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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"


Wwhat a veryspecial Animation. i canĀ“t get enough of these Bunnies.
This is the flash of the year

Very unique

Nice piece 'ere mate. Perhaps too clever for some of these viewers, but dry humor is what i love the most. love the little "mickey mouse" like characters. Heh all they eat are carrots and now they talk as well or scream when they get eaten. even gave the sun the human characteristics. Would have been kinda funny if you gave it two scoops of oh..say ..raisins

Intelligent humor...its like finding gold.

If you have ever gone to this author's website you will see that it takes a bit of brains to be able to get some of this. The humor sometimes is funny because it goes on a wacko-tangent...kinda like this one. It is amazing in how short a time the author gets your attention, pulls you into his world, and then spits you back out again. I liked this one, but it is not my favorite. Mostly because I don't understand what those little bitty black things with pants were supposed to be. Good though!


thats one stoned rabbit.

Great build up!

The ending was so unexspected I couldn't stop laughing. The whole thing builds up and up and then...........