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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"

Darn the carrots, DARN THEM ALL!!!

Im pretty convinced that I don't want to be a rabbit. Plus I know that carrots arent a rabbits only fav food. Did anyone figure out what those Mickey Mouse things were?

Interesting to say the least

kinda puts a message out there i suppose, you need beter sound though i had to turn up my speakers. I dont know what to really say except that it was interesting

Not funny

I didnt find it funny at all.

Wtf is up with the bow tie?

the bunny sounded like conker

ya this wuz great, and after the camera stops looking at the sun theres a bowtie around the bunnyies neck, did no one else see this!?


I loved the camera. It made me feel like I was going mad. That was excellent, and I loved the ending. Make more stuff!