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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"

Nice, funny

Cool movie man, I love your work and I visit you website often. Nice concept:
"People being stabbed by thier own kitchen knives...I have seen houses spitting out bones"
Disturbing, but funny as hell...
BTW MTmonkeyhunter, proof read if you claim to be literate (I know squeezing in that extra letter here and there can be tough) and check your profile Dynamite is spelled with an...well I guess you can work that one out from this review.

I always knew rabbits were dangerous

I already have an intense fear of rabbits and this just proved to me how insane and frightening this really is. Rabbits want to eat your face

Holy shit dude

GAY!! I'm now retarded beyond belief now. Yeah I know I don't have a flash, but shit man, do something better than that stupid crap.

OMG the talking

Why doesn't he ever stop talking, It's so fucking annoying. Animation is ok, but the talking sucks.


Oh... my... god...

That was genius. It really was. So wonderfully original. Like all your work.