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Reviews for "anthropomorphism"


The most innovative thing i've seen on NewGrounds in a long time. Fresh, new...it was actually enjoyable to watch. I've gotten tired of the same old shit on NG, so this is nice to see.
Good job.

Good, weird, but good. Made me think

I liked it. It hinted that intelligence walks hand in hand with madness. And all you stupid fuckers who's only deep thoughts involve penetration can go fuck yourselves. Take your heads out of your asses and think for once for god sakes!

Holy crap. That was awesome.

Okay, sure, it wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen, nor did have the best animation. It was a great take on the insanity of cartoons, however, and was also rather creepy. Yeah, it was even disturbing. I mean, the carrots. Whoa.

Also, the mice were a nice touch and a good way to make your message a little clearer for all the stupid people on this site. The rabbit's dialogue made me laugh at a few points, probably the most when he said, "I'm always kind of, kind of _fuckin' freaked out_." But anyway, nice job. Hooray, and so forth. The carrots still have me giggling, for some reason.


I found it kinda funny..But it seemed abit pointless to me..


THIS WAS A PIECE OF CRAP! no offence, but that made no sence and sucked...badly