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Author Comments

I hate guns and violence. We would be better off if we could just get along

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I know one thing gun could solve

but you guess maybe sould go away and hide in for a while and when you come back your movie well be blammed you:wtf? my movie gone??!?!!.users:we blammed it!!.you:but whats this?....A STICK DEATH MOVIE NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *runs away**comes back*
no!!! end the stick movie was blammed to!!! must be! violent!!.didn't watch it to sleepy*yawn*zzzzzzzzzz


Don't listen to Ziggom! It was good, and I got goosebumps... or maybe I got them coz the room is really cold...
Anyway, nice! and TRUE : ) A little short though... and there is a whole lot more pictures you could have included, and alot more violence.!!!

damn that blew

Showing us pictures of Adolf Hitler is not enough to be considered funny, or violent. That is what movies here are supposed to be like. This was like another five minuites of school. I HATE SCHOOL ALONG WITH THIS MOVIE.


Maybe you don't understand the fact that vilolence has been a part of human nature since the begining. There is nothing to do to stop it, accept of course to somehow take away free will. Even if guns do become illegal criminals get guns in illegal ways, therefore it is very necessary to legalize them for self defence purposes...

Waste of my time

To review the flash...it sucked. Crap for <animation> and crap for sound. Honestly it sucked the balls of a deadman. Aside from that, you're ignorant. I've been a member of the NRA for 4 years and guns have never kept my family safer. Infact we sleep easier knowing my AK-47 is cocked and loaded at all times (I'm getting an m4a1 in March). Terrorism is at an all time high, and I advise all Americans to be prepared. Don't satisfy yourself with a 9mm; they're for women and children. If you want to protect your family, your fellow man, and your country; buy an assault riffle TODAY. The author of this flash content is very probably a terrorist or a muslim (forgive the stereotype but it's true) who supports Al-Quaeda. Guns have solved many problems, when in the right hands. Don't shoot your fellow Americans; shoot untrustables. Even blue states have to agree; everyone is safer if everyone has a gun because we're on even grounds again.

Credits & Info

1.98 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2001
8:28 PM EST