Reviews for "Anti-violence"

Strange Ideology

While your beliefs are certainly valid, and even reasonable, you have to remember that often, violence may be the only solution for violence. How many nations have earned their freedom from tyrannical governments through wars (or revolutions)? Many, ours included. As far as problems solved by guns go- you are incorrect in saying that no problems have ever been solved by a gun. What about World War II? Did Hitler seem a reasonable man to you? Could you have changed that hearts and minds of millions of nationalistic Germans following a super-charismatic leader? While it's true that violence is a negative way to make change, don't fall into the trap of believing that it cannot solve problems.

You're so naive my friend...

Maybe it's true that guns and violence don't solve problems. Maybe we'd be better off if we could just get along...
WELL IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! As long as humanity exists so does violence, division and hatred.
Reality sucks, doesn't it...darksaint?

thedarksaint responds:

reality is fluid and ever changing. That means that what is true today may not be true tommorow. Remember way back when Russia was our bitter enemy? Well now the USA has taken russia under it's wing and supports it. That is a huge change. first they are our enemy-and that was true. Now they are our friend-and this is true. how can both be true? This shows that reality is fluid.

Good message

The flash was good, the message was good....it's all good.

So sayeth the Phuzzman ~out~

The aggressor makes the rules.

Remember that.


I liked it. Would've preferred a better ending, but very nice work.