Reviews for "Anti-violence"

Wise words...

It's interesting to see that the opposing views of previous reviewers revolve around such words of wisdom as... "FucK BiTcH hyppe fUCKer GUNS ROcK!!11!"
When you have opponents of such philosophical depth, you also have a winning argument.

Problems solved by guns?

Didn't Hitler shoot hisself in the head?

Pure propaganda

thats all this is, pure paropaganda

To people who want to outlaw guns

For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient. The world will follow our lead.


thedarksaint responds:

of all the countries in the world that have outlawed guns, and have lower crime rates, people will ignore them all and focus on germany. there are so many non-dictatorships that you could look at but you'll ignore them because the NRA tells you to.


Pretty brave amitting a film like that to a site saturated with blood sex and violence,but the pioneers of a new era have to be brave. As of now humanity cant give up violence yet due to our present society run by greed and lust for power
We will however in the future leave all this behind but humanity in its present state wont give in to such ideas of utopia and bliss because we havent learned from the error in our ways.
Only a truely evolved creature can overcome there differences to others with out using primative,temporary solutions such as violence.
Well thats my opinion on this flash and the topic at hand.