Reviews for "Anti-violence"

JFK also called himself a donut.

It was kinda piontless. And he really did call himself a donut.


That really makes ya think...and it gets the point across......


what point was it that you went, I THINK I WILL MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT STOPPING VIOLENCE ???
and what happened if every one put down thier guns, some ugly duesh with a gun could kill like 300 people, and VIOLENCE WILL NEVER STOP SO SHUT UP!


i dont get it, if u hate violence, y do u hav a "big" fight between a robot and a mage on another flash? oh well...

Yeah, this was gd, proper gd, but the "i hav a dream" part got abit cut off... but part from that it ruled


AWESOME... But the music sucked

Can't you put some better music on the thing it was great but the music sucked foir breakfast!