Reviews for "Anti-violence"

I get ur message dude...

That was pretty dark,but yeah...


meh, nothing special, just a cheap movie with no animation...this is for animators to show their work, not slideshows...jeeze, besides Violence does fix things, you just dont get it...Peace is desired by many people, but Violence will always prevail

Here's a quote for ya

"The world is a fine place and worth fighting for. I agree with the second part" Morgan Freeman, SE7EN

Those right wing supremicists

Can't say allot about it, just want you to know that there are far too many yahoos that write bad reviews. Incompetence appears to be infectious. You like quotes, so do I, Here's one "The mojority of this worlds problems are created from the insecurities of small men" Not shre who said it

wow this sucked

yea that was gay... Check out my submition!