Reviews for "Anti-violence"


You are and idiot postin this on a site based on voilence and guns!! Id like to say:

Number of gays stupid enough to put this on here..

Number of bad votes youll get


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fuck the world, for all its worth...

well its nice to know that good ol NC still got a decent supply of idiots. jesus fuckin christ, what is this country comin' to? every day, all i ever see and here is more people willing to trade away rights for the FEELING of safty. read the other reveiws and saw the responses to some of the other reveiws and 'buddy' i gotta tell yeah, CHECK THE GOD DAMN CAT FUCKING TREE HUGGING HIPPIE SHIT FACTS! every country that has banned or heavily restricted firearms has had their crime rate INCREASE, ass-fuck. oh, sorry, i forgot you damn liberals hate the FACTS. guess i should do like a good slave and roll over and die, just like good ol' aunti reno would want me to.

on second though fuck that. and FUCK YOU, I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!

the anger


what the hell is everyones problem? true, guns shouldn't be taken away. But anti-violence views are commendable. And whats everyones problem with hippies? Really, what the fuck is wrong with someone hating violence? i see nothing wrong with that at all. and i love violence in movies. but to say that violence solves problems is stupid. keep it real everybody. PEACE

I agree

War causes pain and suffering. People think violence is the only way to fight. Peace is the answer. Violence has no answer just causes hunger and death. Many people know that. They deny the pain and blame it on others. Black people are discriminated and get involved in what the white people started.


But you forgot, if you want peace you must prepare for war.