Reviews for "Anti-violence"

Your an idiot

Ok im in a criminal justice class and 40,000people a year are saved from being
robbed,raped, or kill becuase the person had a gun. This out ways the amount of
people who die from firearm acidents.First off if we ban guns then the two major
criminals will still have them,the crooks that have them, and the government.
There will be no stoping the U.S. from oppressing its people. Look at our country now
you have to be 17 to buy a cd with a parental advisor at most stores in texas.I
Englands crime rate has risen dramatically becuase they banned guns. Austrailias
is rising.I agree with you that we should try to understand people more, that is a
worth cause. However, the sad truth is that war advances civilzation technologically.
All our cancer treatment stuff is by products of world war 2. I wish for world peace
too but not at the price of my freedom. Becuase I would rather die that be oppressed
any more that we are today.

Do you not undersatnd?

I just wanted to ask you, do you take your freedom of speech seriously. By looking at this film, I think you do. One thing you are forgeting is the base that you have placed this movie upon was built by those who gave their lives so we could have them. Without viloence nothing would ever get solved. He who allows tyrany to continue is just as bad as the tyrant. I am outraged how you can forget about those who have shed their blood so you can do movies like this. I am disgusted on how easily you can forget the veteren who did for your so called freedoms

High schooler, huh?

So, would you say the same thing about knives? blunt objects? And anything else than can cause harm to others.

With out guns, and war, we would still be living in the dark ages. War advances technology, a provin fact.

Also, outlaw guns in America and take them away from our police..That would make you happy. Untill somebody with a smuggled Chinese gun mugs you...That would make you dead.

In Washinton D.C., private citizens can't own guns. But that city has one of the highest murder rates due to guns violence per capita in the country.

thedarksaint responds:

no, I'm in college actually. And the point is against violence, not just guns. If people would just look at the world they're building they'd think twice before picking up a weapon.

Good message, but....

I agree, we would be better off without guns. Keep in mind that we're talking about a Utopian society here. But as long as everyone is different, this is just not possible.
There was one thing that I didn't think was true about the movie. When it says "Number of problems solved by guns: 0", to me that is untrue. Without the use of guns, the world would have been taken over by madmen (Adolf Hitler and Sadam Hussein for example). If guns were not used to stop Hitler, how many more Jews would have been killed?

The Number of Prombelms Solved By Guns: 1

I can think of at least one problem guns have made it easier to solve, and that is over population :P Nice thoughts though, It needed to be sharped, and styled, alot Faster, and the quotes were good, but it really needed something more to be considered worth my time. But then again i only review the films that are worth it. I see this being lost some were between number 10,00 and 500. Oh well it had it's moment of fame. Keep sending them in, and get better, at least you knew how to hide the fact that you cant draw.