Reviews for "Anti-violence"


words cannot describe it.


That was powerful, nothing less. I totally agree with the message. This is gettin' a 5 every day from me. All you trigger-happy NRA punks can kiss my ass. Any person who thinks that guns solve ANYTHING is a fool. Wouldn't it be great if nobody ever felt the urge to take another life?

how many more must die before you understand

February 14, 2001
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ELMIRA, New York (CNN) -- An 18-year-old student was taken into police custody on Wednesday after he walked into his Western New York high school carrying 14 pipe bombs, a shotgun and a handgun, law enforcement officials said.


what the hell is everyones problem? true, guns shouldn't be taken away. But anti-violence views are commendable. And whats everyones problem with hippies? Really, what the fuck is wrong with someone hating violence? i see nothing wrong with that at all. and i love violence in movies. but to say that violence solves problems is stupid. keep it real everybody. PEACE


That really makes ya think...and it gets the point across......