Reviews for "Anti-violence"

sakc of shit.......

listen, some people may respect your views, but I for one think its a load of shit. Like many people before who have posted reviews before me, you think guns don't solve anything? what about that freedom of your country? did you ever think about that? What the hell did you think we did? go to the english and say "can we please have our independance?" you can't tell me you've neve rbeen in an arguement that got out of hand, then hit someone, and that was the end of it. Violence does solve many problems. to whether or not it should be used to solve those problems, the answer is no. But from now on, keep your hippie crap oppinions to yourself

good message

there wasn't much animation, but this was one of those works which the purpose was not to gain rank, and appeal to the mainstream crowd, like so many other entries do. There is way too much violence and sex being used in a bad way these days. Those who enjoy violence don't think about the concequences, or the soul. False violence may be funny and cool, but reality is another matter, and it isn't like the Matrix. Keep expressing yourself, no matter what the others say.

thedarksaint responds:

thank you. I'm glad someone gets it.


anti-violence my ass.
C'mon.. blood, gore and violence makes my day...
and even so this movie is all imported pictures and there is not much animation in it...

Next time, know what you're talking about.

I know where you got the idea for this movie from. At least the other movie had facts backing it up. All you had was quotes that you liked. I did not see one real fact. You had to make up your "facts" yourself. I see you think that guns have never solved any problems. Maybe you should talk to all the people who have shot intruders who wanted to rape, maim or kill them. Try telling that to our founding fathers. I saw your picture of Adolf Hitler in there. Let me remind you that one of the first things he did was to disarm Germany. I don't think I need to remind you about what came next. It wasn't a peaceful, happy Germany. I guarantee you that the Jews wished that they were armed then. I can tell you that. Also Hitler committed suicide with a Walther PPK. In case you're too stupid to know what it is, it is a very nice handgun. I would say that a gun solved that problem. I think you would agree. On to your stance on violence. It is ridiculous that people like you think you can curb all violence. It's just not realistic. The world will never be a utopia. Deal with it. Believe me, we all want the world to be like an episode of Barney. The fact that you think getting rid of guns will create your little "utopia", or even the fact that all violence in the world can be stopped just shows off your extreme ignorance. To sum things up, people will always be victimized by violence. The least we can do is be prepared when we are the victims. So go watch your Barney some more, and when you're the victim, may God help you. You certainly won't be able to help yourself.

Good point, REALLY BAD way of trying to get it ...

You had the right idea but your method of trying to get it across was ignorant. First off, almost all of it was war related, Not so many of our generation realize that war happens for a reason (With some exceptions). You showed holacaust victims, do you really think we could have saved ANY of those people without going to war against hitler? You also mentioned problems solved by guns where none.... tell that to women who shot a man who was going to rape them, or hundreds of people stalked by attackers. Your right, VIolence is NOT wonderfull, but try to be smart when getting the message across.