Reviews for "Anti-violence"


That was powerful, nothing less. I totally agree with the message. This is gettin' a 5 every day from me. All you trigger-happy NRA punks can kiss my ass. Any person who thinks that guns solve ANYTHING is a fool. Wouldn't it be great if nobody ever felt the urge to take another life?


words cannot describe it.

Powerful point

I enjoyed this movie even tho I believe that guns are not to blame...it's hate...hate is what causes the evils mentioned in this film...so if you are offended by this movie because of it's trues...then you need to stops crying at home and face the truth that you're wrong sometimes!


I like guns and i shoot guns! its not the gun that is dangerous its the person using it! if you give a drunk or a child a firearm they are bound to missuse it but you giv a reasonalbe prsone one and thy trat it as a killer...you better put your tree huggin hippe crap somewhere else go cry to mothers against drunk driving and leave me alone
BTW i like cheese!


Wow a slide show, with a lame little message.