Reviews for "Anti-violence"

pretty cool

I really liked this, and agree with a lot of what is said, but I disagree on the idea that violence doesn't solve problems. It's NEVER a good solution, but is sometimes the only one.

This is okay.

I understand your position, and I agree completely, but, unfortunately, I think you may be preaching to the wind, here. But, if no one is, then someone eventually will. Stay cool.

so uh yeah

you don't like violence. that's cool and all... this just felt more like a relaly cheesy public service announcement than a flash movie. it could've been done way better. it was kinda repetitive with the bitmaps and stuff, maybe you could've traced some and killed the backgrounds, like with the plane and stuff, it would've fit better...

treading dangerous water

Good movie. Well constructed. OK graphics. Purpose. We will all agree that violence is a problem. Guns however are not he problem. Guns are a tool of violence not he other way around. You showed images of Hitler and the Holocost. That was not a gun problem; that was a people problem. You have a good message that gets confused with the issue of gun control. Anyway contrary to what people may say this movie does belong here; NG is a site for Flash movies of all types not just potty humor and violence. Oh, the "I have a dream" sound is a bit awkward and could be removed.


Alright, I know what you are talking about, however this is getting negative remarks by people because it really does not belong on here. Especially Vigil, gosh man, lay off. Whatever, wish this movie never had to of been made (peace). Oh, and someone said that guns help, like Word War 2, what I think the authors point was that it is an unneeded thing. I hope you get it. I sort of do...Ryan