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Newgrounds Wiki: Audio Forum Rules

Audio Forum purpose

Newgrounds first opened the Audio Portal in 2003 and since then new artists sign up every day to submit songs, loops and voice tracks. The Audio Forum was created in April 2005 as a place for these contributors to discuss their craft!

Please focus discussion on the creation and appreciation of original works here on Newgrounds. Threads about your favorite non-community artist, bands, songs, DJ's, your brothers sisters siblings crazy guitar solos and the like belong in the General Forum.

Rating, feedback and advertisement

Apart from the below threads, you may advertise your work in your forum-signature and newspost. It's common that if you review someone else, they return the favor. Please don't make posts specifically asking to be scouted. Posts dedicated to individual songs are frowned upon but you may create a Portfolio Thread to showcase your ongoing work.

Audio resources

Before asking questions about audio resources, see if you can find the answers in our Audio Resources Wiki!

Geometry Dash

Please ready the Geometry Dash FAQ before making any posts about Geometry Dash.

Software specific threads

If you have a question about a specific software that can not be found in the list below, feel free to make a new thread.

Voice actors

Voice actors are an important part of the site, which is why there is a specific Voice Acting forum!

How to find audio-artists and music for your flash-project

  • Use the Collab Forum. Be sure to read through the Collab Forum Rules.
  • Flashauthors are free to go to the Audio Forum and make a thread, requesting audio-artists to collab with, help with finding existing music etc. There are no set rules of what you need to put in your thread, just try to be as informative as possible. Showing off some of your previous work/portfolio is a good way to raise interest.


  • All other Forum Rules apply in the Audio Forum.
  • The Audio Forum Lounge is where you can hang out with your fellow audio pals and have non-audio related discussions.
  • Discussion of software piracy is strictly forbidden.