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Newgrounds Wiki: Clubs and Crews Forum Rules

Before starting a club, use the search box to make sure one doesn't exist!

1) When making a club, stop and think. "Hmm, does the Newgrounds BBS really need a club like this? And, what are the chances that this club has already been made?"

2) When posting in a club, ask yourself, "Could I say this on AIM or some other major IM system?" If you are saying, "Hi, how was everyone's day?" and your club is about Megaman, that isn't really pertaining to Megaman, and is basically the reason why these clubs are all 200 + pages. In other words, don't post in your club just for the sake of posting.

3) Don't post just to bump your club, unless you have something actually LEGITIMATE to say. Countless amounts of time we have users saying, "Oh my God guys, I can't believe our club is on the third page, BUMP!" That causes clubs that no one cares about to keep on the front page. If your club does not get posts in it, obviously no one is interested in it. It's simple logic, use it.

4) When you see a new club, that breaks one of the rules, don't post in it saying, "OGM YOU n00b, THERE ALREADY IS A CLUB FOR THIS!!" Simply ignore it, and allow it to sink to the bottom. If the user continues to bump it up, a moderator will deal with it. Posting in the club just keeps the club on the front page, exactly what you are trying to NOT allow happen. By posting in a club that is illegitimate, you are just annoying the moderator, and will most likely end up getting banned for it. If you really have a problem with it, and no one is dealing with it, email a moderator with your complaint. Give it a day or two before sending your email.

5) Don't post in a club simply to flame or troll the club.

6) Posting a member list every five posts is pointless and a stupid way to bump up your thread, and should be avoided. Maximum times you are allowed to post a member list is once per page. This prevents spamming up your own thread.

7) Posting for the sake of raising your thread's replies, is against the rules. If you are posting the same thing over and over again, and you are spamming your thread with useless replies and constantly repeating yourself, your club will most likely be locked, or else you will be banned, depending on the severity of the problem.

8) Try to avoid joining every single club you see, just for the sake of putting them all in your signature. Being a devoted member of three or four clubs maximum will cause less quick, one word, unthoughtout replies, and therefore eliminate needless spam in Clubs. Most club owners who are actually serious hate it when someone joins eighty different clubs, because there isn't enough time to post in all of them anyway, so why bother?

9) If you are a club owner, you are not the omni-prescene of the thread, you do not have the final say in anything, the moderators of the BBS do. Some people think that they can have users banned from their thread, simply because they don't like what the user is saying. If you have a complain, contact a moderator, and we will look into it. Once you have emailed or contacted us, leave it at that. Don't create a giant flame war inside your thread, because that will just esclate the problem, especially if you are wrong about the person, which may end up with your thread being locked.

10) Above all else, use common sense when posting in Clubs and Crews. Yes, it is easy to get away with stuff in that section, but you shouldn't use it as a place to spam and raise your post count. This section was created for users to share interests in things that they both enjoy, and talk about them in a BBS setting. If you use your head, chances are you will avoid breaking all the rules set out.

Special thanks to Ozcar and Dobio for organizing this list.