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Important notice, please read! Voice Acting Forum Intro & Info Page: 1 2 31
New posts! Casting Call for Abridged Series 4
New posts! Need a Voice Actor 1
Popular thread, new posts! NGAP15 : Voice Actors Page: 1 2 40
New posts! Need Muslim Voice Actress (Paid) 2
New posts! Singer 0
Popular thread, new posts! Open Mic Thread - Post Voice Demo Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 290
New posts! Need Vo. actor for a DEADPOOL short 7
New posts! Female Voice Actor needed 4
New posts! Voice actors required! 8
New posts! Voice Actors Needed-Fallout Mod 0
New posts! Need a Male British Baritone VA! 0
New posts! Female Voice Actors Need 7
New posts! Need 2 voices for a completed song 2
New posts! New VA trying to get his feet wet 4
New posts! Code Lyoko - Voice Actors Needed 12
New posts! Female African American VA needed 0
New posts! Request: Spongebob parody Voices 0
New posts! Need a monster voice? 2
New posts! Request:Male Singer (Punjabi Cover) 1
New posts! Need Voice for a British VILLAIN!! 0
New posts! VO Character/Animation Demo! 0
New posts! Two Voice Actors needed. 16
New posts! Male and Female VA's needed NSFW 0
New posts! 3 main Steven Universe gems needed 1
New posts! Need Female For Machinima (Paid) 1
New posts! Voice actor for WW2 webseries 3
New posts! Anime. Female. Voice. Need. You. 8
New posts! VA Needed For African Shaman 1
New posts! Voice Actors needed! 1
New posts! Need a better mic 1
New posts! Looking for female voice actor 0
New posts! Need VA Male/Female for CYOA projec 0
New posts! Lesser Evils- Voices Needed 0
New posts! New voice actors needed! 7
New posts! Looking for a male voice actor 6
New posts! Внеь. Voice Actors needed. 2
New posts! The Clinic - Voice actors needed 0
New posts! Looking to do voives 0
New posts! The Strike - Voice actors needed 2

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