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Newgrounds Wiki: Programming Forum Rules

These guidelines are intended to help you find solutions to your programming questions quickly and easily.

Topics should be clear and concise from the first post. Titles should be precise, describing what you are using and what's going wrong. You are only given 35 characters to make a good impression and to properly represent your thread so use that space wisely.

Examples of good topic titles include "C Pointers - Causing Segmentation Fault," "PHP - Fatal Error on mysql_connect," "Dell Inspiron E1705 with Vista crashing," "Photoshop CS3 - Virtual Memory error," or "Ubuntu 7.10 - GRUB won't install."

Conversely, bad titles include "my laptop keeps crashing!!!" and "why won't this thing work?"

Keep posts on topic. For non-programming discussion, see the General Forum This is not the place for ActionScript-related posts. Please see the Flash Forum Before asking questions related to any common topics (Javascript, Java, C++, PHP, etc.), use the search bar. Many questions have already been addressed. If there is not already a thread about your question, check Google. The Internet is big and chances are your problem has cropped up before and has been answered.

If your question relates to one of the more common programming languages, see PHP: Main, C++: Main, or Java: Main, respectively. The members of the Newgrounds community have already graciously compiled tutorials as well as lists of references to make learning these languages easier. If what you're looking for isn't there, continue your research before making a topic.

If you only barely understand a topic please be careful when constructing a reply. Chances that you can explain the subject better than the 300 million sites on the web are very small. Secondly, and most importantly, you may misrepresent information if you barely understand it yourself, and fighting misinformation is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching others.

If your research has returned nothing useful and you feel you are prepared to ask your question in the Programming Forum, please provide information about your problem, the parameters (your hardware, OS, etc.), and describe any research you've done. If you can show you've given effort then others will give effort too.

Posting job offers is encouraged and allowed, but remember to post all relevant information: language required/requested, FULL job description (this includes a list of things to accomplish, a list of things that are optional, and the timeframe expected), and the amount the job pays. This isn't a charity; asking for a piece of code or advice is one thing, expecting someone to write thousands of lines of code for you with no compensation is another.

Please note that administrative status in a new forum/website, prospective ad revenue, and/or free space on a personal site are not job incentives, and will not work in lieu of physical currency. If you do not already have a price in mind do not offer the job anywhere in these forums.

Do not ask for others to produce an application for you (game, or otherwise). If you would like to start a project you should be prepared to do a large portion of the work and show you understand it and are capable.

Do not ask for specific code snippets. Questions which require specific code to solve should be supplemented with specific examples or attempts. This will show you're motivated and it will be more worthwhile to you if your learn how your code is wrong.

Solutions for homework assignments will not be given. You can certainly ask for help with code you've written if it is for an assignment, but conning people into doing your homework isn't tolerable