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Newgrounds Wiki: Art Forum Rules

These are the Art Forum rules, an addendum to the general forum rules specific to this forum. If you don't agree with them you can leave this section of Newgrounds or refuse to register an account. Upon breaking a rule you might receive a warning, but this is not mandatory. You can be banned for your first offense of breaking these rules.

Art Forum Rules

There is a risk of banning / post removal if you violate these rules.

  • Please upload your art directly IN THE FORUM; pictures are more pleasing to look at than links to other websites! You are welcome to link to another site to view a hi-res version of your picture, but please include a smaller version of the image that fits within our guidelines.

  • All criticism must be constructive. The art forum is intended to be a POSITIVE environment and negativity is not welcome here. Alternatively, attacking users for giving fair criticism may results in your thread being locked.

  • Feel free to post your artwork in the forum to increase your chances of getting scouted and get feedback. However, keep all your pics in one thread, so that your work is not dispersed around the art forum. Also please don't request scouting / re-scouting, see Ornery's Handy Dandy Scouting Guide.

  • Any new thread should be an attempt for genuine art discussion and/or critique. In other words don't just makes lots of new threads for the sake of making new threads.

  • All activity threads, such as "Photoshop this" or "Draw this" must be started with your own example.

  • Finally, any art you post MUST BE YOUR OWN. Exceptions are images used for activities, such as Discussions or Photoshop threads.


Please PM an art moderator before you attempt to start a new contest.