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Newgrounds Wiki: Collab Forum Rules

Qualifications to Start a Collab

1) You have at least one solo submission that is currently scored 3.5 or higher on NG (meaning one submission you have done on your own, no collab or team).

2) You are actually motivated and responsible enough to handle maintaining several users and their work.

If you do not qualify for any of these reasons PM a moderator to discuss your plan and they may be able to help you get going.

Things You MUST include In Your First Post

  • The theme/style and requirements.
  • The start and end date.
  • Who can join.
  • The version of Flash and Actionscript (if necessary) that you are working in.
  • The FPS, Stage size, and other crucial details.
  • How coauthors will be determined.
  • If profiting, where money is coming from, how it will be split and paid out.

That said, there are additional ways to mess up and have your collab locked. Here is the run down:

Reasons Why Your Collab May be Locked

  • If you start a collab on behalf of someone who doesn't qualify.
  • If you forget about the collab or drop out yourself.
  • If you tried running several collabs in the past and they all failed.
  • If the thread derails into flame wars, fighting, or anything that really doesn't have to do with collabs.
  • If you bump it constantly to keep it alive or a majority of the posts are yours.
  • A similar collab is going on at the moment.
  • Your collab is a "1 hour collab" or something similar in nature and you haven't given prior notice that you are running it... people need to be prepared to start a very short-term project and not have it fall to pieces.
  • Any other issue a mod sees as unfit for starting a collab.

Special thanks to jmtb02 for organizing this list.