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Newgrounds Wiki: Help & Information

DO YOU NEED HELP? Please check out the FAQ!

Content Submission - Learn about the process of showcasing your original creations on Newgrounds.

DMCA Notice - Did someone submit YOUR original creation instead of their own? Here's how to notify us with formal complaints.

Forums - Information and guidelines pertaining to the NG forums.

Private Messaging - Information about our private messaging system.

Site Moderation - In addition to the staff, we have a large number of volunteer mods from the community. Learn more about our moderation process.

User Accounts - Information about having a user account on Newgrounds.com.

Terms of Use - The terms you must abide by if you use Newgrounds.

Privacy Policy - Learn about how your data is used, or not used.

Web Browser Requirements - Good for troubleshooting if the site isn't working right for you.