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Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

Unfortunately, I didn't like constant "loading" screen.

CjElliott responds:

Sorry to hear that the game would not load correctly for you.
This problem is caused by one of three things.
Firstly you are using a browser that is not supported.
Secondly you are running the game on a browser with javascript disabled.
Thirdly you are trying to run the game on a low speed Internet connection.

If none of these are the cause, could you please message me with what browser you were using and I will try get this issue fixed :)

The game was pretty good even though i didn't complete it, i like games like this where it uses a pixel style of graphics. i ended up dying from the midnight man cornering me.


I do not know exactly why, but I found it scary. I lost with only two cards ... And I was going to try again, but ok, I'm scared haha I liked it!

Not gonna lie, I was kind of bored.

The premise wasn't really new, as it was like a mix of The Midnight Man and Slender, and I didn't really feel the same kind of tension that I usually do when playing horror games.

Still, its a pretty solid game, I just wish it were more interesting.