Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

Kinda Scary

I liked the game quite a bit. You did better creating a horror atmosphere than most AAA "horror" games do. I loved how matches being valuable created a mad dash trying to find another on, and running for your life from ghosts. That being said the match system as it is currently set up is flawed. In a game where the story is hidden and needs to be actively sought out an effective time limit of how long you can explore was a poor idea. If you want to fix this you could have the ghosts drain the candle instead of a instant knock out, but you would need a lot more of them. On the whole though, great job.

I'm forever amazed by how old school games like this can still stir up a good scare! I really enjoyed this, even though my cat attempting to jump on my head whilst I was playing may have scared me more than anything in the game haha!

Keep up the great work =)


CjElliott responds:

haha watched the video, thanks for linking and playing my game, its really fun to see how people react and play the game, will say I think you may have been the first to find the crying girl :)

Once again thanks for playing and glad you liked the game :D

To be exactly with this, the game in some parts has some loading late screen, i like it and never feel that in the night with just a few matches, thanks for the game and good work in this game.
But fix the load screen bug it took me like 2 minutes and another 4.

CjElliott responds:

That is really strange, never heard of any people having long loading screen, at max they should only take 10 seconds, the game only loads what is needed for each room you enter, only thing I can think of is maybe you are running the game on a low end computer or have slow Internet, were you downloading something maybe at the same time?

But yeah I will look into this, if any one else is having loading problems please send me a message so I know its not just a one time thing.

Thanks for playing :)

Sprites are scary. Needs music... but the background noises were menacing. Say like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUZlGCSfxjw

CjElliott responds:

I feel like music would have broke up the attention, when it comes to horror less is often more.
The game does feature some music but only when needed.

Glad you liked the game though and thanks for playing :)