Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

Dude, what kind of error pops up when you try to read the letter? Please fix it

CjElliott responds:

What does the error say? I can't seem to reproduce any error when reading the letter.
I was informed of someone getting a ngio is undefined error, if this is the case please message me with what browser you were using, check to see if you have a blocked popup (newgrounds.io), also please send me any information from your browser console.

Thank you.

Whats the song that plays when you die?
also great game nice work!

CjElliott responds:


It is a really cool piece in my opinion :)
The game also features the same song later in the game however it is not reversed, it is also nice but currently can not give a link as I un-reversed it myself and don't want to upload it anywhere as it is not my work.

Thank you for the kind words, I am really happy you liked the game :D