Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

This game is fantastic! Nice homage to earlier games such as Haunted House from Atari. I like that you have a deadline, so to speak, in that you only have a limited amount of matches.
Great sound effects, cool atmosphere, and great story! Lot of rooms to explore, and unstoppable enemy. I didn't get far, but had a lot of fun. Nice replayability, too. Thank you for a fine game!

CjElliott responds:

Really glad you enjoyed the game, thanks a lot for playing and leaving a nice review :D

Very nice atmosphere. The thrill of running out of matches adds to the excitement nicely.

Hit an error almost at outset. Found first letter ('lust'), went back out. Opened gray door east of lust room. Received a black screen with this error message:

TypeError: $dataMap is null

Looks like others enjoyed the game and found it quite good. Hope you are able to figure out the bugs.

CjElliott responds:

Really sorry to hear that, will try find the cause of the bug and have it fixed as soon as possible.

Although I don't think it is related to this bug, could you message me with what browser you were using? Thanks.

Edit - this bug should be fixed now.

Nooooooo I got them all but then my match went outttt, but hey, great game

Nope nope nope, turn on the lights turn on the TV stay in bed and don't sleep...
Rather enjoyable game, well done.