Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

Very great game. Very cool to see someone has put a game based around the Midnight Man ritual.
What you should do is make it so where you can make a circle of salt, (which is something you CAN do in the ritual) and it makes the Midnight Man spawn to a random location away from you.

The game reminded me of Resident evil, it was nice, but the ending could use some work and the story too. Why this mansion, why are you there,why you want to cleanse your since by knocking on the door in that place, are you the owner who sinned, you could stick some papers to show some of that story.

CjElliott responds:

Their are papers/documents to find that explain the story, you will have to search them out however as they are not always in plain sight, I plan on adding a few more to make it more clearer though. :)

Will say that this game started out as a resident evil inspired game with shooting mechanics and inventory before making a huge difference resulting in this game, thus the mansion resembling the Spencer manor from resident evil in some places makes a lot of sense. xD

Thanks for playing, glad you liked the game.

Gonna give this a 3 for now because it's a fantastic game, but it is so, so, so, so, soooo buggy to where it lags me out and that's what kills me in the game. The game wavers between overly sensitive and insensitive to my keyboard inputs, and also I've had it randomly just crash on me, showing only a black screen with the NG game screen background peeking through in random areas. :o

I tried playing it in private/incognito mode, and there was a SLIGHT improvement in gameplay. I had the recommendation of trying something incognito mode before to see if the function worked, and it did. In that case, my problem was trying to log into Armor Games, which I temporarily couldn't do through a regular window, but I could through a private one. I'm not sure exactly how that works with allowing or function or maybe improving performance of a program, but I figured it couldn't hurt to mention that while you're sorting out all the bugs.

Overall, I REALLY look forward to playing this game once all the bugs have sorted out. I love the graphics, and the game mechanics are a ton of fun. I'm really glad it's not officially "timed", so that way a player can actually enjoy exploring the house and feeling the suspense of the whole thing. :)

My Operating System is Windows 7, and I'm playing this through Opera (thank you so much for including it!!).

Looks really nice :) I like the way the character looks. When the game starts you get the spooky vibe immediately. I got some corpse party vibes ;D
For me it works fine :)
I didn't play much of it tho, because i have to study, so i will definately try more later :) But so far it looks very good! Keep on doing the good stuff! :D`
is there any way to adjust the volume? like a menu option? maybe i just overlooked it. But that would be nice.

Nice game. I walked through these corridors and rooms until the light went out, then the next match and the same, I found nothing in several rooms was blood, strange noises..