Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

It's just a black screen with Envelope 0/7 and the match(?) in the upper corner. I'm not using headphones but my speakers are turned up and I still can't hear anything either. Fully updated Google Chrome FYI.

CjElliott responds:

If its not too much trouble could you please retry the game and if the same problem occurs right click the page > Inspect > console tab, and then message me of the errors their.

Thanks :)

Every single time i get to the match the game crashes and says :cannot read property 'user' of undefined. I am using google chrome.

CjElliott responds:

Should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope you enjoy the game :)

Never leaves loading screen. safari.

CjElliott responds:

This is happening because browsers like safari and microsoft edge do not support the file format of the audio, will be updating with a full patch shortly for this however will be dropping a preloader plugin, this should allow these browsers to run the game however audio may not play correctly, if at all.

If this still does not work, please try a different browser.

edit- Okay new version is up, should allow the non-supported browsers to at least run the game, but don't recommend it.

Had a lot of fun playing this the music is great and in the wright ambient settings this game can be a bit creepy

I didn't get the medals when I found the letters, however, I will say this: The game has great audio (the backwards music when you die freaks my brother out I'll add XD), gameplay that I love, and even more interesting: This flash game doesn't lag on my Samsung Chromebook with 2 tabs open (and that NEVER happens for the record)! 5 stars definitely! ^w^

CjElliott responds:

Currently uploading a bug fix that should fix medals not unlocking, should be up within 10 minutes or so.

Thanks a lot for the kind words it really helps :) Though will say this is not a flash game, it just has a flash preloader while it loads the html5 game in the background :)