Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

Good game, however, my medals didn't unlock for some reason. Maybe it's just me, but I noticed it's still a glitch. A few suggestions, I wish matches were more obvious and I know it's not a long game but I do wish there was some kind of in game map. I kept thinking that I was somewhere I had been before but I would actually be in a new room. Other than that, it was a really cool and fun horror game.

CjElliott responds:

Thanks I will work on those suggestions :) What browser were you using? And did you allow the popup at the start of the game? As this is required to unlock medals atm, currently working on a fix for this.

Solid work on this not bad. Has some glitches though

CjElliott responds:

Thanks, yeah trying to fix the bugs as soon as possible :)

it literally doesnt even start. the first time it gave an error and crashed but i wanted to give it a chance so i refreshed it 5 times and it never loaded.

CjElliott responds:

Well what was the error? What browser were you using?
I need a bit more info to fix this xD

Will try make it work as soon as possible.

Was enjoying the game until I tried to enter the freezer (using the key card). I received the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "width" of null

I'll try and check back to see if all the bugs have been fixed before playing again. I don't want to get so far, just to have it crash again.

CjElliott responds:

Was able to reproduce this bug thankfully and it seems to have been fixed now, sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for playing :)

There's a bug where when I walk down/up the stairs to get to/out of the library-type area, it stops for a second then jumps into/out of the room suddenly. The matches are almost impossible to see. I picked one up accidentally thinking it was a sliver of pixels showing up from a glitched-out envelope, then I immediately wondered if I had missed any before. I went to go explore the house and see if I had to turn off any lights without following any of the instructions (door-knocking, name-writing, opening the door, blowing out the candle) and it immediately jumped me into the game. That was a little confusing too. I feel like it would be nice if I could explore at least some of the house with the lights on first for contrast to the scary atmosphere.
Other than that, what I played was fun :) The match-running-out mechanic was cool and creative.

CjElliott responds:

The game stopping for a second while going up and down the stairs in the library is it loading each floor, as they are separate scenes in game.

As for the exploring the house prior to the house being in darkness, it wouldn't fit with the storyline of the game sadly, although I do agree it might help users knowing where to go.

Once I fix issues stopping people playing the game I plan on adding some form of sparkling effect to make it easier to spot items.

Thanks for playing, glad you like the game :)