Reviews for "A Sweet Typing Thrill"

"Substitutions" really was the hardest one. Well, actually not. The right answer was among my first guesses, but you should really give "the" hint you gave in an earlier review in the game as well.

I loved the − − − − − · − · · · · · one, especially since it took me quite some time to get the "obvious" solution ^.^ I think you should not limit the input to a certain type of characters here. Just with brute force I almost arrived at the correct answer. I wouldn't even have tried that if the input had not been limited.

Getting the name was quite straightforward once I was there, but I had to rerun the game to get it.

I want a sequel now :p

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why hello there :)
I was secretly waiting for you to play this game!
Once again, I have not forgotten about our conversation, it's just that I apparently suck at responding to people in decent time nowadays. I suppose I used to be really good at it, but the amounts of conversations I'm having has been drastically increased :p

I'm super happy that you enjoyed the game! It's always difficult for me to know exactly how much I should give away in terms of hints within the game, in terms of balancing the difficulty.

It's good to hear that the level I put the most effort into was satisfying >:D
The main reason I limited the input is because of how the game is "coded". It's definiely not conventional, because I'm not that good at it myself :)
However, I also figured it'd stop people from getting too far off track.

I'm very aware that a lot of people have to replay the game, though I've made sure that it can be done fairly quickly using 'backspace', so I don't think it should be too much of a hassle in the end.

There will eventually be a third game, though I am suspecting it'll take me quite a while (probably a few years) to gather the enegry. I'm hoping I'll make the third game slightly more elaborate than the first two, although I'm not entirely sure yet.

Thanks a lot for playing, and for leaving a review!

The puzzles reminded me of Mu Complex, which makes me, an avid browser gamer, feel miserable.

The story and the music are the only good things of this game. As I said, the puzzles aren't very original (the .- one is nice, though), but the worst thing is the fade-out sequences. They may be good for creating atmosphere, but they should be skippable.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I remember My Complex. I played the first game once, back when it was still a browser game. Though I did still find a functional version up on one site.
I have to wonder if it has been a while since you played the Mu Complex, as apart from one puzzle, there aren't many similarities between the games. Except for them being text-based puzzle games (as opposed to text-based adventure games), naturally. I don't think they can have monopoly on an entire genre. That said, I don't know if the second game happens to have more levels which are similar, since I've never played it.

However, there is one puzzle which indeed is similar to one of Mu Complex's levels, but they did not invent that sort of puzzle either, nor did I draw inspiration from it; that type of puzzle has probably existed for thousands of years.

I'm glad to hear you liked that .- puzzle, as that's probably the level that took the longest to create, for several reasons.

Also, the story and music making up 66% of the game, I'm happy that you enjoyed them :)

As for the fade-sequences, I get what you mean. But I also know that the majority of the players enjoy the game precisely for the atmosphere, while the puzzles are the actual gaming aspect of the game. The game being what it is, I choose to sacrifice a bit of conventionalism, in order to achieve other aspects such as good atmosphere. Which one is more important is of course, subjective. But seeing as the fading sequences cost you less than even one minute during the duration of the entire game, I think it's probably acceptable.

I hope that you're satisfied with those explanations!

Thank you for playing and for letting me know your thoughts! :)

I Really enjoyed the experience of this game. I am glad I didn't use a walktrough for this, because I think it would've ruin it. I actually wrote down the code for the final answer on a paper. deciphering the answer letter by letter made me feel like a real detective ^_^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, IceSquare!
It's awesome that you wrote down your ideas on paper! When making the game, I imagined some people would do that, and it sounds really cool. I think it adds an extra element of realism and enjoyability to the game :)
I'm glad you didn't use the walkthrough someone uploaded either! I think it's fine when people are really stuck on a level to look at one in order to move on. But it kinda ruins the 'secret ending' to find out how to get it through the walkthrough :p

i loved playing with letters and this game is great too, but the font still really aggravates my eyes

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Fair enough, haha :p
Thanks for playing both games! :)

I admit that I'm not a fan of text games, but this was quite fun. I really did have no idea what was going on. You create such a great atmosphere. It's hard to say anything about the details. It has exactly what it needs. The music is great.

It was easy to get past the first one. I just put down "I Understand". It says so on the medal. It doesn't do that for the second part. For people who are into text games, play this.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, Ericho!
Yeah, I get that text-based games are not for everybody, but I'm glad that you enjoyed this game regardless :)
I am a huge fan of games with just the right atmosphere, so I try to achieve something to that effect as well. After all, composing music is the main thing I do :)

Yeah, the first part is mostly there in order for the player to get used to the mechanics. After that, the difficulty has an immediate increase :)

Thanks for encouraging others to try out the game :3