Reviews for "A Sweet Typing Thrill"

Had an interesting time figuring out the riddles. Some were a real challenge and interpretive which made me very happy. It's nice to see mind bogglers every once in a while. Thanks for making this dude! Keep creating games like these and I'll never leave my desk.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It's nice that you felt challenged by the game, while at the still time enjoying the experience :)
I'll eventually get back to creating the final game, but it will take quite some time, as I have a lot of other projects as well, alongside my studies. Thanks for the review!

Hello Shadow,

It's nice to see that your still making puzzles, yet this isn't why I'm truly here for. I would like to play another game with you this time I want to see if you can find a little message hidden within this message hehehe good luck.

I was always afraid of others, even as a child I wouldn't play with my siblings.Yet I met someone at midnight that changed my whole life. His name was James Embers. He first came badly injured and was terrified saying that someone was chasing him.My parents let him inside saying that he was dying. Me being around ten at the time, had no clue on what to do about the situation of death. Yet he was able to live, but he wouldn't talk to us about what had happened to him. He did speak but I was the only one he would talk to.I tried to tell my siblings about what he talked about.But he would stop me before I had the chance to tell them about what he said. Eventually he went to go
live somewhere else, saying that my parents couldn't raise another child so he had to go.
Through letters and other ways of communication were the only way we could talk even in
another country.One day he stopped talking to me altogether,I worried day after day leaving my soul to fear for the worst. That's when I learned that my only friend in the world was killed.
What was the message that scarred James to death?

Okay that the end of the message. If you figure it out you can either reply or leave a private message if you want to continue our little game....oh by the way I hope the games continue.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hello, Destiny Jewel :)

Thank you for playing the game!

I spent a little while trying to figure out the puzzle in your story, since I found it interesting. Alas, I didn't reach any conclusions. I dodn't really know whether I should look for something speific within the words (as in the game), or if this is more of a riddle kind of puzzle, where I need to figure out what's off based on something else. It's interesting that the character has a name given to him, even if everything else is vague, so I thought that may be a hint, along with the title, but I didn't find any sensible anagrams or the like for them.

So I'm afraid I'll give up on this one ^ ^
That said, it's nice to know that you're inspired to write, and include puzzles as well! That's a nice hobby :)

Once again, thanks for playing the game, and for leaving a review!

Nice job bro!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, dude!

Great game as before.
Although I'm sure this problem is with me but even after knowing the answers I still can't find what Rotate and Assimilation was about. Not expecting to be told but I just thought that stating that might be helpful in some way (I don't really know...)

Aside from that great game and I'm gonna say I really love -- --- .-. ... . most.


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, DragoonDraconian :)
The reason you had trouble with the assimilate one, is because you had trouble with the rotate one. They build upon each other, so to say :)
I can send you a PM about it :p

I'm glad you liked the game overall though! I'll eventually keep on making games, although I'm taking a break (studies, music, more ;D) ^ ^

Man this seems really hard for me! Either that or i am really tired to play this game right now! Other than that i know this will be a freakin' blast to play cause i enjoyed the previous one so much!

Thanks for another awesome "mind game" man! I will definitely make sure to finish this up once my head is clear! Keep up the good work! ^^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

To be fair, this is a pretty difficult game! Since you've played the previous game in the past, I can tell you that the level you seem to be on based on the medals, is very similar to the first actual level of the first game :)
I hope that helps get you started! Other than that, the puzzles are all different in many ways, from the first game.

Thanks for the high hopes, already before getting really into the game! Have fun ^ ^