Reviews for "A Sweet Typing Thrill"

This was one of my favorite, most enjoyed experiences on Newgrounds. I'm not even sure if I've even given a 5 star rating to another game.

Such a diverse set of puzzles (rotate and .- are brilliant), and a captivating story to boot. Music was pleasant, and the addition of the enter and backspace buttons made this perfect.

I didn't want this journey to end; it was so much fun!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Whoah, those are some pretty huge compliments!
Thank a ton :D
I'm happy you enjoyed playing the game :)

I try to make sure that all puzzles are satisfying to some extent, but naturally, some will stand out a bit more than others. As for the story, I find that it's almost even more difficult to write than the puzzles are to come up with xD
So it's pleasing to hear that it hit home.

And yeah, I think that while letting the game run its course the first time adds to the atmosphere, it's nice to be able to speed the experience up, upon returning to it after a break, or so :)

I find that the first paragraph for the Assimilation puzzle very ironic. When playing the previous game to this, I took some word or an idea and went to google to find a word that might fit the answer. After many trial and error, I would eventually find an answer and feel all the strain on my brain being rushed out and leaving me feel refreshed, it was kind of rewarding.

This game is no different. It has challenging puzzles that takes time to solve and it gives the same rewarding sensation. But as I sit here for the last five hours with the Assimilation puzzle in front of me, I began to notice at how surprisingly true that last sentience is.

These puzzles are definitely more challenging and (judging from what I've noticed and your theme for the game) elaborate.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

As for the assimilation puzzle, you've already used the keys needed to unlock the door. This door has two locks, so you'll need both keys ;)

Btw, if you or anyone else needs hints, I think absoluteDETH is fairly happy to help if you PM him :)
(You can PM me too, ofc, but I tend to be busy every now and then).

Google is definitely a useful tool, and is even recommended for beating the games :)

I believe that the more difficulty one has had with a certain puzzle, the more rewarding it probably is when one solves it. That's what I hope, at least x'D

I think that this second game is indeed more challenging, but it seems to be well received thus far! :D

Thank you for playing, and for leaving your thoughts :3

Played both as per the recommendation. This is very well done, although the the difficulty really is subjective, because after playing the first one it made certain puzzles in here just click easier. It took me an hour, instead of two like the last one. Not to say this didn't come with more unique and interesting challenges.

Either way though, proud to say I didn't need a walkthrough for this, just a couple sites so I didn't have to do certain things by hand. The secret ending i guess I have to leave for another day, but I may be PMing you (to avoid spoilers) about that final question. Because SERIOUSLY, that 3rd letter bro really. I'm lucky I got the rest of it and was able to piece it together.

Either way, great game with great lore, music and puzzles.

Hope you keep doing what you love and would love to see more from you in the future.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Awesome! Thanks for playing both games, ClanZT ^ ^

Yeah, the difficulty is definitely very subjective (based on the time it has taken people to beat the games). It's always difficult for me to balance it so that it pleases a large userbase. But I think I've managed ok :)

Nicely done, managing to beat both games on your own! It's definitely allowed to use other sites; in fact, the games would be way too difficult without them for most people.
Thanks for avoiding spoilers! :)
You can indeed PM me in case you need more clues :D

Once again, thanks for all the compliments!

I'll definitely always stay creative, and keep working on projects whenever I have time ;)

Thanks for the support!

After a long break, I came back to play the sequel. Honestly, this was very challenging, but the challenge is what made it so fun. I was banging my head against the wall for the "Rotate" puzzle for about an hour. I did cheap out a little and read a hint you gave someone else, but it suddenly clicked. That was a tough one. This game was even better than the first. I was so enveloped in the game that I didn't care if I solved the puzzles in one minute or one hour. It got my brain working, and it was fun to change my point of view about certain aspects of the puzzles to get the right answer. You are an amazing author and musician (oh by the way, did I mention the music was awesome? No? Well, it is) and your clever word play is so creative. Additionally, what a clever name for the title of this game; you put so much thought into it. I can't wait to see what games you make in the future.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for playing and reviewing both games!
It's good that you didn't let the challenge thwart you :)
I don't think that reading up on any hints is cheaping out. I only write replies, knowing anyone can read them; any hint you find is fair game ;)

Awesome that you enjoyed this one even more than the original! I sometimes think it's a shame I can't play these games myself, as if it was the first time, since I created them. But I always like hearing what others thought of the experience ^ ^

Thanks for complimenting the music too! Music is my main thing, after all, while games are somthing I tend to develop on the side :3

Great job managing to get the secret medal ;D
I don't know what kind of games I create in the future, but I hope they will be enjoyable :)

O_O I just guessed the secret ending. Then the game shows HOW to get the solution.

It blew my mind.

I just guessed it right because of the hints you gave on the news post. Thanks.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Whoah! That's a pretty impressive guess!
Oh, and if someone else happens to read this, please avoid even minor spoilers in the reviews :)

Thanks for playing and leaving a review, Gil, and great job beating the game, along with the secret ending! :O