Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

Amazing job! This has to be some of the most beautiful animation I've ever seen on NG. As everyone else has said you guys perfectly recreated the emotion and beauty of a Miyazaki film, I hope you guys will be able to produce the full length film.

i could watch this hundreds of times, the only shame about this flash is realising your going to have live with the fact that this isint some amazing preview for a 2 long movie that i would die to see. yeah good job, best ive seen on newgrounds

wow its like everyone else said, this is like Studio Chibli, i mean the animation, the world, the art, the creatures...etc

Stunning quality work. Please get some funding and expand it to a feature length film or series.

It's cool that you copied Studio Ghibli story boards until you died of an aneurism, but like you should like steal some other films story boards in the mean time too. Then come back and then have like 50/50 stolen from 1 movie you know? too stolen.