Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

It's cool that you copied Studio Ghibli story boards until you died of an aneurism, but like you should like steal some other films story boards in the mean time too. Then come back and then have like 50/50 stolen from 1 movie you know? too stolen.

Holy crap, I feel like I just watched a studio ghibli film condensed into a three minute span with a Final Fantasy twist of driven plot.

What you just published epitomized what I dreamed of doing for a good portion of my life. It's a stunning and beautiful composition that took my breath away, an animation reminiscent of Studio Ghilbi productions that brings new life into animation by articulating modern issues using original representations of timeless symbols of nature and humanity. I hope for the best for you, so that you may realize the full potential of your prowess and embark us on a journey that will bring us closer toward realizing who we are and our purpose in this world.

absolutely stunning visuals

Holy shit. This is just too good. Are you professionally employed? Because if not, the you should be. All the attention to detail, the fluid animation, and the brilliant art is just amazing. You're already awesome.