Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

Nice animation

This was a nice animation here and honestly the animation itself was really good you have some good ideas here the animation really flows out well you have some nice ideas here and I look forward to more like this

Make more animation like this


Merveilleux. Toutefois, votre animation de caractère est manquant une forte et dynamique pose d'image clé. Essayez de laisser vos clés pour quelques cadres supplémentaires et, s'il vous plaît, vraiment pousser les relations proportionnelles dans les extrémités de votre pose.

i think that this is better than most of the animation here. so nice.

Studio Ghibli? Is that you?
*cries in a corner*

To be serious, this is so fucking professional and well made...

Sorry, but isn't this just a mash of traced scenes from other animation? I'm pretty sure I recognize most of these scenes as being a complete copy of something else (for example, when the sludge monster is chasing a person it's from Spirited Away, on an impessive scene with 3 people fighting and the camera rotates it's from and anime OP, etc etc).

So I guess there is *some* work in tracing and audio. Some sub-par work.

Guess this happens in animation all the time, but I ain't giving a good score to someone who couldn't go to the trouble of making something original.