Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

I don't understand french, so here's rooting that this was just a trailer.

Just when I thought the Tales of Alethrion were the best looking animations I've ever seen, this comes along.
Well played.

This animation is absolutely amazing in all respects. You list Hayao Miyazaki as an inspiration: I thought I was looking at his work until I read the description. I was previously unaware of Jean Giraud and will be looking for examples of his work to enjoy and compare. I thank you for this preview and look forward to seeing your finished product.

i could watch this hundreds of times, the only shame about this flash is realising your going to have live with the fact that this isint some amazing preview for a 2 long movie that i would die to see. yeah good job, best ive seen on newgrounds

This is really beautiful and it touched me. I am glad you did this. Ne lache pas, toi et ton equipe est formidable.