Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

wowmanyou just blew me away with this. 10 out of 10

perfect pitch

Absolutely beautiful! The story is great too. It has potential to be amazing, not that it already isn't amazing, it is phenomenal.I hope that this will actually be made into a movie.

wow, i dont really know what to say, it was amazing, i just want more of it. great job!

Eng: This is the first time I could legitimately give an animation 5 Stars! Amazing animations! Inspirational designs!It's amazing that you did this with Flash of all software! When the film comes out, expect my ticket
français: Ceci est la première fois que je pouvais légitimement donner une animation 5 étoiles! Animations étonnantes! Designs inspirants! Il est étonnant que vous l'avez fait avec Flash de tous les logiciels! Lorsque le film sort, attendre mon billet.