Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

Good god! should have worn sunglasses this was brilliant!
The movements were fluid and smooth, the backgrounds beautiful and the design Enticing.
I can see your inspiration, this looks like a trailer for something I need in my life and I believe myazaki would be proud.

Amazing ! Inspired by Miyazaki' style? :) :) GREAT JOB !

This was very visually impressive with all of it's extreme attention to detail in the backgrounds and the animation poses looked great.

You used plenty of camera angles and even included some semi 3D stuff in there.

Much of the visual stylings remind me of both Adam Phillips and RTIL.

It looks you combined their elements from both their past newgrounds submissions and built onto them.

I like how you effectively incorporate multiple sources of light for lighting and shadows.

That is a very difficult task with animation because shadows with clear direction takes a lot of thought behind it.

Drawing in general can sometimes be difficult because it can take a very long time to observe all the details.

I sometimes practice drawing from real life subjects and despite careful observation; certain details are still missing.

Observation before drawing takes a lot of practice and is often a very slow process.

I assume you have practiced drawing from real life to a certain degree.

A lot of the trees, grass, water, clouds and other backgrounds look beautifully drawn and colored.

You placed a lot of careful attention into the colors for the painted backgrounds.

The character designs of this animated short looked a bit too much like anime.

More distinct character designs in an entirely different style would have worked effectively as well.

There is nothing wrong with having some anime influence in your drawings; However, you can easily put a brand new twist onto the anime influenced character designs.

Dexter's lab, Power puff girls, Samurai Jack and Scott Pilgrim are examples of cartoons with both anime influence and entirely distinct drawing styles.

The overall movie was one of the most visually impressive movies on this website.

Make more of these kind of movies but experiment with different types of character design styles.

When you settled onto your perfect distinct drawing style than you will have created an official calling card.

Keep making new art.

- Mightydein

Amazing. This, in my mind, is a trailer for an anime' miyuzaki wishes he had thought of first. deserves to be a full length movie. please please make it happen

please for the love of dear god, make a full length movie of this. The kind of talent and imagination that went into creating this deserve the utmost respect and their master piece to be displayed high than all others. I would gladly pay any thing to see this as a full length movie, even if it is only 45 minutes long ( I'd like more than 2 hours but still).


This marvelous work reminds me of the Studio Ghibli films' style of imagination, intrigue, color, and 100% AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!