Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

Ça, c'est la genre de chose que je espère toute humanité pourrait apprécier.


I was blown away by this. I agree with the others saying this: Do crowdfunding. If you have a patreon or something like that I would gladly throw money your way. Otherwise, I look forward to your future submissions!

Kickstarter project for a real movie, with english subtitling, or even english voices could go international, the anitmation in this project was so amazing, imagine what these great designers could make with a shitload of money!

Looking forward to seeing more!

This animation is absolutely amazing in all respects. You list Hayao Miyazaki as an inspiration: I thought I was looking at his work until I read the description. I was previously unaware of Jean Giraud and will be looking for examples of his work to enjoy and compare. I thank you for this preview and look forward to seeing your finished product.

Bravo, c'était magnifique !! Tout est tellement maitrisé, la lumière, les couleurs et j'adore cette animation hyper fluide qui s'accompagne très bien avec la musique d'Hisaishi !

Tu as beaucoup de talent, un gros GG comme on dit chez nous ^^