Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

I have full Ghibli collection and this definitely feels like oldschool animation by them .

You haven't really describes who made this animation but I don't understand top portion . I am gona assume that you guys did this so 5 starts great job .

Very well done! Mesmerizing, stunning artwork and animation of a trailer that makes me want to see the whole piece. The music pushes and pulls the emotions... thank you for this
Seul dans votre cabine (comme un écrivain, je veux!), Parfois la solitude aide la créativité. Et aussi, félicitations pour votre diplôme de cinquième année, vos instructeurs sont récompensés de leur travail, non? (Oui)

Excellent! Great Work!

This is so good that at first I thought this was actually one of Miyazaki's works.