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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

This was really fun, but i couldn't get past the cave... i didn't know quite what to expect but i found it really creative. i imagine its crazy difficult to prepare multiple levels (which one might expect from a game like this) but with the open map like this you really balanced it well by keeping it open, while at the same time making it evident that there are sub levels, so to speak. great music and i liked that you could see the end, you know what the goal is ;) i found the controls a bit odd though and i think it would have been better with arrows/awsd being used for jump, movement,etc. other than that, fun little game :)

metaknight3000 responds:

There are some places (like the cave) where you need to jump off ladders to progress, so having the "Jump" and "Climb up ladder" button be the same wouldn't work very well.

I had fun.

to lordxanthus......try jumping from the opoopsite wall, i got through with one hit there and it wasnt the spikes it was the blob on that perch....goot game little longer and i would rate 5

this game is too short, and I mean that as a compliment. I enjoyed this game so much that I wish it was longer. Reminds me of castlevenia 3, when you get the wall climber guy, mixed with metroid. Very fun, very challenging, well thought out, and came together VERY well. Good job. Thats really all I have to say.

Exactly what I expected it to be, a concise and fulfilling Metroidvania experience.