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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

Woo finally got all medals!! ^^
It's a pretty good game :3
Like most people have said, the wall jump mechanic is very unforgiving... It should only activate as long as you are holding a side input.. Currently, it feels as if it activates when you are moving towards the wall (momentum).. That can be very frustrating at times when you have the key unpressed but you still hug the wall for a bit.
Nevertheless, I loved the whole 1-map metroidvania setup!
9/10 5/5; great job, amazing short game, can't wait to see more!

really fun, wall jumping was a bit hard, but that might just be me being bad at platforming.

A sequel to this would be great, perhaps in the same story line of castlevania 2 without the bad mechanics. It was challenging, short but not too short and lots of fun.

Good, but less than perfect.
The game itself is perfect, except for the boss.
I was expecting a healthbar atleast. But hey, still great game!

Great game, I managed to beat it on normal playing with an arcade stick. Wall jump mechanic was very awkward to use at times but overall brilliant game